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rabaut ( )
Fri, 19 Jun 1998 07:01:24 -0400


I believe that I have setup RadiusNT correctly. I can create user accounts
and when I use the radlogin -x15 from the dos prompt, it responds well. I
created a dump of the parameter settings from the Bay RAC and tried to
determine which one's I need to change.
some of the one's I found were...

pref_secure1_host which I set to the ip address of the radiusNT server
enable_protocol set to radius
radius_secret set to the same secret on the radiusNT clients files
made sure that the auth_port and the acct_port were set correctly.

Are there any others that I need to concern myself with??

When I reboot the Bay RAC, I see a response from radiusNT server (dos
window). When I try to login using a username/password valid or not, it
still allows me access ... It seems to be ignoring the user database.

I assume that the server file contains the ip address of the radiusNT
server with the secret same as set in the clients file and on the RAC.

I guess I would like to see generic (basic) settings so I can get it
working and auth names.

thanks for the help


At 09:00 PM 6/18/98 -0700, you wrote:
>rabaut wrote:
>> Does anybody have any experience with the configuration of the Bay Networks
>> RAC with RadiusNT??
>Are you running into any specific problems, or just looking for generic
>setup questions?
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