RRAS = Error 1053

Celso Carvalho do Amaral ( webmaster@douranet.com.br )
Mon, 15 Jun 1998 14:27:18 -0400


I have a PM3. It works very well in Radius 2.5 but the RRAS of the Internet
option pack does not update the calls table. The error message is 1053.
Index or primary key can't contain a Null value. I have already changed the
name of Attribute #4 from NAS-IP-Address to NAS-Identifier in the
RadAttributes table but this does not work either. When I use Microsoft's
Radius both the PM3 and the RRAS work. What could be some other options
that I could try to resolve this problem? Thanks for your time.

Celso Carvalho do Amaral