Re: USR NetServer x USR NetServer Plus

Einstein Oliveira ( )
Sat, 13 Jun 1998 11:01:29 -0300

Dale E. Reed Jr. wrote:
> Einstein Oliveira wrote:
> >
> > Hi,
> >
> > I don't think that this is a problem with RadiusNT but maybe this happened with
> > someone in this list.
> >
> > Actually we have a few USR NetServer 16 V.34 working with Radius 2.2.41 and
> > everything is fine with IP's being automatically assigned by the NetServer.
> >
> > Now we're trying to put a USR NetServer Plus V.34 to work with these guys but
> > there are some problems that I can't figure out why they are happening.
> >
> > When I connect through NetServer Plus the call is authenticated only if the
> > Framed-Addres attribute is set in the RadConfigs to the account; If not (wich
> > has been working perfectly with old NetServers) the connection is dropped and in
> > both cases no account records are generated in the calls table.
> Could it be that you don't have an address pool configured on the NS Plus?
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I forgot to mention that if I set the attribute Framed-Address to the
NS Plus assign the address from the pool and if I set to some fixed address of
my network it also works but in both cases there are no account records
generated and worst, when I tried connect in an old NS they do not accept in the Framed-Address attribute and thus drop the line.

Einstein Oliveira