Re: Time and AccountTypes with a difference

Dale Reed ( )
Fri, 12 Jun 1998 15:19:32 -0700

Graeme Slogrove wrote:
> All you Emerald / RadiusNT gurus out there, thinking caps on :)
> We would like to offer a single account that does the following -
> 24 Hour Email Access
> Web access between 01:00 and 17:30
> Without having to juggle with the accounts ...

Without getting to technical, RadiusNT 2.5 uses stored procedures
for retrieving the attributes for a user. The typical one used
is RadATConfigs, which pulls the service default attributes from
RadConfigs table. Now, if you are SQL Savvy, you could ehnace the
stored procedure to check time of day and account type and include
a different set of attributes. What I was more of less thinkng of
was adding a start/stop field to the table, then modifying the proc
with an additional where clause like:

AND( (DatePart(Hour, GetDate()) >= StartHour
AND DatePart(Hour, GetDate()) < StopHour
OR StartHour = NULL)

So for your Filter, you woudl have:

Attribute Value StartHour StopHour
Framed-Filter "email" 1 18

Whereas the rest would have NULL start/stop hour numbers and
be included in both.

Sometimes I can come up with the wierdest things! :)

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