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Albert Churba ( )
Thu, 11 Jun 1998 08:53:19 -0400

(assumption = unit name is MAX1, this is the fifth permconn for that MAX,
the trunk group is 9, the phone number is 555-1212, and it's a 2B ISDN
dial-out connection.) If this is a frame-relay connection to the MAX units,
then this does not apply.

permconn-MAX1-5 Password = "ascend"
User-Name = Test,
User-Service = Dialout-Framed-User,
Framed-Protocol = MPP,
Framed-Address =,
Framed-Netmask =,
Framed-Routing = None,
Framed-Route = 1,
Ascend-Base-Channel-Count = 2,
Ascend-Maximum-Channels = 2,
Ascend-Call-Type = Perm/Switched,
Ascend-Send-Secret = password,
Ascend-Metric = 2,
Ascend-Dial-Number = 95551212,
Ascend-Send-Auth = Send-Auth-PAP,
Ascend-Minimum-Channels = 2,
Ascend-Data-Svc = Switched-64K

It's been a long time since we used a text file entry, so I hope I typed
with the correct format. All of our profiles are defined with Emerald and
the attribute/values are as shown above. If this does not answer your
question you can always call Ascend at 800-272-3634 and get the proper
attribute configuration from TAC.

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From: Rudy Komsic []
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If your using Emerald with RadiusNT, You can edit the actual user's Radius
Configuration by clicking on the service tab > edit the username > and
select the Radius tab to create your Radius Profile for that specific user.

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Date: June 10, 1998 1:11 PM
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> Define dedicated. I assume you are talking about a NAILED PPP
Yes..... Sorry my english :(

I'm looking for information in Ascend Site and found this:

To establish a nailed-up link between two MAX TNT units, and have the
connection use the channels in group 1, you would configure the pseudo-user
profile as follows:

permconn-SanFran-1 Password="ascend", User-Service=Dialout-Framed-User

Then my question now is:
RadiusNT (in ODBC mode) work with pseudo-user profiles?

Ciro Vera

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