BIG !!!!! Problem Installing Install-Shield maded Software with RadiusNt2.2 service active

Andrea Cariola ( )
Wed, 10 Jun 1998 16:16:53 +0200

Hi all!
We have a license for RadiusNt 2.2.

I have a big problem on a server running Windows NT 4 SP3: i can't
install programs maded with InstallShield 3 (such as Netscape 4,
Cheyenne backup, Hp drivers for DAT unit, and many other....). I have
Currently an incident case opened with Microsoft tech support because
even many of their product are packaged with InstallShield.
Today i tried to install a software on another Nt4 server Sp3 that i use
as a test pc; the last test i maded on it was with RadiusNt (before
installing the iea-software on the other server) so the service was
still active.
When i have seen on this test machine that any software was not
installing, like in the other server, i have tried eliminate the only
thing the two server have in common RADIUS NT from IEA-SW!!!!!
Et voila'.....all worked fine (!!!!!!!!!!!) in the test pc; at this
point i disabled radius on the main setver too and... et voila'...all
worked FINE!!!!!!

Solution from iea tech support ????!!!!!

Thanks in advance
Andrea Cariola
Eutron Infosecurity