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Mourad Dahoumane ( (no email) )
Wed, 10 Jun 1998 00:19:33 +0200

Hi Dale,

I am running the latest radius exe 124.
When it starts I have the following message

Tue Jun 09 20:21:23 1998: Invalid Database or Computer Date.
Tue Jun 09 20:21:24 1998:
RadiusNT Enterprise Initialized...

What does this mean, date is correct and authen. is correctly made against
the database.
Also with the previous release, I had to re-start radius very often, debug
screen just go,
no Dr watson, nothing, this may be 6-10 times a day, we'll see with this
latest version.

Just to let you know :0% failure since the release of 2.0 or 2.2, I don't
remember, that's a long time ago

My configuration is two radius servers :
primary auth. 1st server - service mode (using same odbc)
sec auth. 2nd server-debug mode ( using separate odbc)

primary acct. 2nd server - debug mode (using separate dbc)
sec acct. 1st server - service mode (using same odbc)

Database is on 2nd server with P200 /512MB RAM
I can't tell you if the database has upgraded correctly, with the script,
but it should be.

Best Regards

Mourad Dahoumane
Connexion Interway