Re: Stop records

Lorri Thomas ( (no email) )
Tue, 9 Jun 1998 13:25:15 -0500

I populated RadLogMsgs table, stoppped/restarted the service, logged in
using a wrong password and the file still defaults to MsgID #10 - User Not
Found, rather than #11 Bad Password. All records in RadLogs have ID #10.

Is this due in part to the server ports table not being populated? Is it
static or dynamic?

Lorri Thomas
Cowtown Net, Inc., 3044 Wichita Court,
Fort Worth, TX 76140
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From: Dale E. Reed Jr. <>
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Date: Tuesday, June 09, 1998 1:55 PM
Subject: Re: Stop records

|Lorri Thomas wrote:
|> Could be part of the problem.... that table is completely empty....
|Run the following set of lines against your Emerlad Database to populate
|the RadLogMsgs table. Then RadiusNT should start populating your RadLogs
|table. You can use the RadLogs Table to see why customer are not getting
|The Calls table only tracks successful logins, which isn't what you
|are trying to resolve here.
|INSERT RadLogMsgs VALUES(0, "Generic Message", 0)
|INSERT RadLogMsgs VALUES(1, "Generic Error", 5)
|INSERT RadLogMsgs VALUES(10, "User Not Found", 3)
|INSERT RadLogMsgs VALUES(11, "Bad Password", 3)
|INSERT RadLogMsgs VALUES(12, "User Expired", 2)
|INSERT RadLogMsgs VALUES(13, "User OverDue", 2)
|INSERT RadLogMsgs VALUES(14, "Over Login Limit", 1)
|INSERT RadLogMsgs VALUES(15, "No Time Left", 1)
|INSERT RadLogMsgs VALUES(16, "Port Not Allowed", 2)
|INSERT RadLogMsgs VALUES(19, "No Attributes", 3)
|INSERT RadLogMsgs VALUES(50, "Bad Request", 4)
|INSERT RadLogMsgs VALUES(51, "No Username", 4)
|INSERT RadLogMsgs VALUES(52, "No Password", 4)
|INSERT RadLogMsgs VALUES(53, "Bad Digest", 6)
|INSERT RadLogMsgs VALUES(54, "Bad username", 3)
|INSERT RadLogMsgs VALUES(60, "Parse Error", 5)
|INSERT RadLogMsgs VALUES(100, "Chap Not Allowed", 5)
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