RadiusNT and NAS's

Chuck ( Administrator@eagnet.com )
Tue, 09 Jun 1998 11:41:26 -0400

Hopefully I have a good one for some of you Radius-heads out there...So far
I still have the 3Com techs scratching their heads.

We use a number of different products here: Livingston PM-2e 30's, Ascend
Maxen (4048 and 4002), and USR/3Com Total Control, 1 with Netserver,
another with ARC.

Here's my situation: We are currently using 2 flavors of Radius: IEA's
older 1.16.51 (or 60, I forget) in text mode, which has been very stable,
never crashes, ect. We also use Livingson's v2.0.1b11, which also works
flawlessly, authenticating through our NT User database. We have also tried
IEA's v2.5 in text mode, also using NT's database. Ultimately we wish to
authenticate all users on all systems through the NT database, eliminating
the need for cumbersome textfiles or MS databases (ugh).

The problem:
Livingston PM2's will authenticate with no problems on any of these Radius

The TC hub using the Netserver card will only authenticate through IEA's
older radius, using the flat file, but not Livingston's nor IEA 2.5. The
hub, however, does talk to the Livingston and IEA 2.5 servers, proven by
trying to auth a nonexistent user, and seeing the resultant logfile entry.
Same goes if this client is removed from the clients file, the server
restarted, and the logfile entry (Security Breach, ect.) is written. When
trying to authenticate a valid user, authentication simply times out, does
not revert to backup, and disconnects the caller. Same goes for the Ascend

The TC hub with ARC does just the OPPOSITE...Authentication through the Liv
and IEA 2.5 flavors are flawless, but will not auth through the older,
flat-file IEA, with the same results as mentioned above.

Any clues? Either I am missing something incredibly stupid, or I got me a
good one. Thanks in advance for any input.

Charles Kimes, EagleNet DataComm.
St. Marys, GA