Re: Upgrading from RadiusNT v2.2 to RadiusNT v2.5

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Mon, 08 Jun 1998 19:56:44 -0700

Eric Cowperthwaite wrote:
> I want to know the same thing. I can get RadiusNT 2.5 to run
> in text mode, or ODBC mode. ODBC mode ONLY works if I use the
> database provided with RadiusNT 2.5. When I try to use my old
> 2.2 database I get an error stating that Radius expected
> 3 attributes and did not receive them, then it says that the
> accounttype does not have any DEFAULT attributes and sends a
> nack to the NAS.
> So, how do I use my old database, or import the users and so on
> into the new database?

I just took the old Radius22.mdb database and updated it to work
with RadiusNT 2.5. I basically did this by just comparing the
fields in the tables to those in the documentation. Not that
big of a change really. Below are some quick notes about it that
can be found in the /radiusnt/msaccess directory on the FTP site.
I also put the enhanced database up there that works with RadiusNT
2.5 as well. For those who have asked about where the forms went
in the radius97.mdb file, I created the database from scracth and
didn't put the forms back in. You should be able to just import
them from the old database.


To upgrade an older MS Access database that worked with RadiusNT 2.2
so that it works with RadiusNT 2.5, modify the following tables
and add the respective fields:

RadRoamServerID (Number/Long Integer)

DNISGroupID (Number/Long Integer)

RadVendorID (Number/Long Integer)
RadVendorType (Number/Long Integer)

RadVendorID (Number/Long Integer)
RadVendorType (Number/Long Integer)
RadCheck (Number/Long Integer) Default: 0

RadVendorID (Number/Long Integer)
RadVendorType (Number/Long Integer)
RadCheck (Number/Long Integer) Default: 0

Import Theese tables from the radius97.mdb database. You can do this
by using the File...Import pull down menu.


You will need to update the relationships manually. They are descibed
in the documentation.

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