RadiusNT License Key not working

Beverly Wise ( (no email) )
Thu, 4 Jun 1998 11:02:44 -0400

Dale, I was sent our license key for version 2.2 back in February. Now, I
had no problem running Radius NT in text mode for the last couple of months
even though the key did not work. Since we are small, and dial up is not
our main service, it has not been a problem, till now. We now have 100
users, and face the problem. I have taken out the license key, and put it
in again. It says 'Error validating key' but goes on.

I am running RadiusNT version 2.2 in text only mode. I have put the company
name and the key in the radius admin box. Each time, it tells me "Error
Validating Key"

Is my key bad? I still have the original e-mail holding they key....

Beverly L. Wise
Systems Operator
Falls City Net Services