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Kurt White ( )
Wed, 03 Jun 1998 15:49:25 -0700

Michael and I spoke about his request. We were unable to find a value for
PPTP vs PPP for Framed-Protocol. He will be checking with USR to see if
they have a value for PPTP that he could use in the Emerald database.
Michael has found info that an RSA encrypter can be placed on top of
the PPTP to secure the UserID's and passwords to corporate america.
Dale do you have some comments on this? What is the correct value for

Michael Whisenant wrote:
> I have been asking, and will continue to do so, until I get a response. I
> am in need of performing PPTP and I want to know how to support it in
> Emerald/Radius NT. Can someone please provide answers? I have posted and
> re-posted this message to the list in hopes someone will respond. Dale is
> active on the list, yet no comments. I never see any response from Kurt.
> Do I need to open and official tech support inquiry?
> I know if I manually add a user in USR TC or use their RADIUS I can assign
> to the netuser protocol = PPTP and default-host = where
> that is their company PPTP server, and I can either add or instead use a
> global-host which sets a series of PPTP servers in a pool??? All I need to
> know is the process in Emerald using Radius NT how to make this happen.
> Therefore I do not need to enter users into each TC and use Emerald and
> RADIUS the way it was/is designed.
> > I know there has been quite a stir about RadiusNT v2.5, but can Dale or
> >someone comment on this?
> >
> >
> >>> I want to issue a value for certain users upon dialin to set their framed
> >>>protocol to PPTP and their default host to a particular value. ie PPTP at
> >>>the dial-in. This would prevent a user from having to configure a PPTP
> >>>adapter and make many companies I deal with happier. I use the USR TC
> >>>chassis. Does anyone else do this? I am running radiusnt 2.5 and 2.41 I
> >>>do not have these values loaded in as options, so if available, I would
> >>>appreciate detailed information as to how to load them into the SQL
> >>>database and how to implement. Also for reference only does anyone charge
> >>>any additional for offering the PPTP in the chassis?
> >>>
> >>>Michael J. Whisenant
> >>>Vice-President, Operations
> >>>AIRnet Internet Services, Inc.
> >>>ph: (256) 704-4692 fax: (256) 704-2329
> >>>
> >>Michael J. Whisenant
> >>Vice-President, Operations
> >>AIRnet Internet Services, Inc.
> >>ph: (256) 704-4692 fax: (256) 704-2329
> >>
> >Michael J. Whisenant
> >Vice-President, Operations
> >AIRnet Internet Services, Inc.
> >ph: (256) 704-4692 fax: (256) 704-2329
> >
> Michael J. Whisenant
> Vice-President, Operations
> AIRnet Internet Services, Inc.
> ph: (256) 704-4692 fax: (256) 704-2329

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