Multilink ISDN Logon Problem

Kenneth Jordan ( (no email) )
Wed, 3 Jun 1998 15:23:06 -0500

I got a customer you has 2 ISDN modems and wanting to multilink link. He has
a static IP address. He can get the first modem to dial up but when he tries
to connect with 2nd modem get the msg disconnected from remote host. I'm
using text mode and here is his configuration:

name Password = "password"
User-Service = Framed-User,
Framed-Protocol = PPP,
Framed-Address =,
Framed-Netmask =,
Framed-Routing = Broadcast-Listen,
Framed-MTU = 1500,
Framed-Compression = Van-Jacobson-TCP-IP

What am I missing here?