NAS not hearing Radius NT

Peter Mott ( (no email) )
Wed, 3 Jun 1998 14:00:01 +1200

I am in the process of moving RadiusNT 2.2 from one server to another.

I installed the same license on the new box and fired it up with same config
files, then set NAS (USR Netserver/8I ) to use my new box as primary and old
box as secondary.

RadiusNT receives the authenticate request from the NAS and RadiusNT
responds, but the NAS does not seem to hear it, eventually gives up and
authenticates off my seconday (original server).

Anybody have any ideas on why the NAS is deaf to my new box? I have had a
good look and everything seems the same.


Peter Mott
Chief Enthusiast
2Day Internet Limited.