Re: Fwd: Re: PPTP and RadiusNT

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Tue, 02 Jun 1998 13:35:53 -0700

Michael Whisenant wrote:
> I have been asking, and will continue to do so, until I get a response. I
> am in need of performing PPTP and I want to know how to support it in
> Emerald/Radius NT. Can someone please provide answers? I have posted and
> re-posted this message to the list in hopes someone will respond. Dale is
> active on the list, yet no comments. I never see any response from Kurt.
> Do I need to open and official tech support inquiry?

I responded to you about this last night. As I mentioned I am not that fluent
in PPTP and have little experience with USR gear.

> I know if I manually add a user in USR TC or use their RADIUS I can assign
> to the netuser protocol = PPTP and default-host = where
> that is their company PPTP server, and I can either add or instead use a
> global-host which sets a series of PPTP servers in a pool??? All I need to
> know is the process in Emerald using Radius NT how to make this happen.
> Therefore I do not need to enter users into each TC and use Emerald and
> RADIUS the way it was/is designed.

I don't understand why you can't just do the same? The PPTP is most likely
just another value for Framed-Protocol. I'm not sure what attribute default
host matches to, though. It could be a VSA, as I noted earlier, or it could
be something like Login-Host. What does radlogin show for the authentication
againt the USR RADIUS server?

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