Emerald installation

Glen Harvy ( glen@aquarius.com.au )
Sun, 31 May 1998 11:40:48 +1000

Hi Dale,

I installed Emerald as per the information I could find. I populated the
database with some basic information as per the manual.

I then installed Radius and configured the comms server name, ip address etc.

I then fired up emerald and entered a MBR information. When clicking on
save, the error box came up telling me the scrip didn't work. Tried a few
times more with same result.

Returned to emerald administrator and ran the Check Database option. There
were at least 10 errors in succession, none of which were corrected. The
reason being it could not find a rptables.scp (or something similar).

I tried deleting the database and emerald said it had been. I tried
creating the database and it couldn't. I then used SQL Ent. Mgr. and
deleted the emerald device manually.

Now every time I try to install the database, Emerald freezes solid. It
succeeds in creating the emerald.dat file but then freezes.

I thought I was progressing well until then <sigh>.

I have printed the Emerald documentation and followed it religiously. The
missing parts are most annoying - particular installing RadiusNT. Is there
a "full" version of the docs available?

ml which is supposed to be the url for your emerald installation
instructions is returning a 404 Error and is not helping me resolve my

I am anxious to get the program up and running. The credit card details
will be coming shortly - obviously when I get it running.

There are two more other things that are more annoying at present.

In the emerald database you have limited the State field to two characters.
Can I manually adjust the database field for 3 which applies here in
Australia. The other problem is with credit cards. We have Bankcard down
here. Can that be easily added to the database and is there any validity
checking done on the card number. If there is, can it be easily
incorporated into your program?

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