Re: AcctSessionTime question

Danny Sinang ( (no email) )
Sat, 30 May 1998 15:39:42 +0800

>> Yeah, I might be worrying too much, but my users might find it odd if I
>> overcharge them. These few seconds could add up to a substantial amount
>> time for which they might get billed extra.
>Do you bill by the second or minute?

By the minute. But these little seconds could add to up several minutes.

>> Do you mean I only have to specify an AcctDelayTime in RadiusNT to
>> 2 or 3 seconds from the AcctSessionTime ?
>> Or is the NAS supposed to return AcctDelayTime ?
>The NAS does.


Dale, if AcctSessionTime isn't supposed to be that accurate ( as you stated
in the last email ), then the user will be deprived of some online time when
I turn on TimeBanking. Is this correct ?

Or does TimeBanking take into consideration the value of AcctDelayTime ?

And given your formula for AcctSessionTime, should I ask the RRAS developers
to use AcctDelayTime in computing for an accurate AcctSessionTime ?

- Danny