Re: AcctSessionTime question

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Fri, 29 May 1998 22:51:25 -0700

Danny Sinang wrote:
> Dale,
> Is AcctSessionTime supposed to be exactly equal to ( Logoff Time - Logon
> Time ) ?

No. But it should be really close to:


AcctSessionTime is authorative from the NAS and is not timestamp

> RRAS's Hotfix 2 was just released
> stSP3/rras20-fix/ ) and it now returns the AcctSessionTime, but it is
> sometimes over by 2 seconds ( sometimes 3 seconds ) as compared to the
> difference between Logoff Time and Logon Time.

Thats really not a big deal. RADIUS accounting packets can
backup and if you are storing to an Access database, the
time for the record to get from RRAS, to RadiusNT to Acceess
(Access being the slowest) could easily be a second or two.

> Do you think its a RRAS bug ? Do other NASes return accurate
> AcctSessionTime's ?

I think you are worrying to much about it. :)

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