ANNOUNCEMENT: RadiusNT 2.5 Releases

Sheryl Stover ( )
Fri, 29 May 1998 18:34:52 -0700 (PDT)


IEA Software is proud to announce the official release of RadiusNT
Version 2.5. In addition to the RadiusNT Standard, we are also
pleased to introduce RadiusNT ENTERPRISE Edition.

All editions of RadiusNT 2.5 include the following new enhancements:

* Dual thread design separates authentication and accounting
processes, improving performance.

* Debugging information can be logged to a file while RadiusNT is
running as a service under Windows NT.

* Spaces can be trimmed from both the front and rear of user names for
authentication and accounting.

* Trims a "domain\" entry from DUN authentication attempts against a
users file, or

* When authenticating against the NT SAM, uses the "domain\" section
to find the correct domain in which to authenticate.

* RadiusNT Administrator's users and clients file editing options have
been added.

* Promiscuous mode has been added to allow requests from any client
with the correct global secret.

* Documentation has been updated to include common problems and
frequently asked questions.

The following ODBC features have been enhanced:

* Separate ODBC DSN settings are allowed for the authentication and
accounting threads (as well as debug log files).

* New advanced Server/Port Access controls, including time of day

* ODBC Support for Sybase and Oracle SQL databases has been added.

* DNIS based authentication restrictions.

* Now supports the use of stored procedures with SQL Server for
enhanced flexibility and more configuration of database behavior.

* Improved Manual Update for Concurrency control for out of order
accounting packets.

RadiusNT ENTERPRISE Edition also includes the following new features:

* SNMP statistics are available for authentication and accounting
requests according to the RADIUS SERVER MIB proposal.

* Real-Time SNMP concurrency verification to prevent invalid user
rejection when calls-online is not correct.

* User based proxy by forwarding authentication/accounting requests to
another RADIUS server based on the domain of the username.

* Server based proxy by forwarding authentication/accounting requests
to another RADIUS server based on the port or server the request
originates from.

* Ability to configure a specific set of RADIUS attributes for remote
proxy authenticated users (overriding the proxy returned set).

Modifications and Corrections from previous versions of RadiusNT:

* The ports now correctly default to 1645/1646 if the services file
has not been updated.

* Username lengths of up to 128 characters are supported.

* Password lengths of up to 128 characters are supported.

* RadiusNT by default will only allow the correct type of request on
the authentication and accounting ports, respectively. Therefore if an
accounting request is received on the authentication port, it is
dropped/ignored. There is a flag to disable this option.

* Support of a NULL MasterAccounts ExpireDate (non-expiring account).

Current owners of RadiusNT 2.x may upgrade to RadiusNT 2.5 Standard at
no cost. The new version can be downloaded from, and running the installation will
automatically use your existing database and license key. There is an
SQL update script also located on the FTP site for those customers
using SQL and ODBC mode.

Current owners of the Emerald Internet Management Suite 2.x can
upgrade to the RadiusNT Enterprise Edition at no cost. Downloading
and installing the new 2.5 version in place of your old version of
RadiusNT will pick up your Emerald key and enable the Enterprise

If you have not yet purchased RadiusNT, current pricing on the web
site will be valid for RadiusNT 2.5 Standard until June 8, 1998.
After June 8, the price of RadiusNT 2.5 Standard will be US$895.00.

RadiusNT 2.5 Enterprise Edition is US$1,395.00. The cost to upgrade to
RadiusNT 2.5 Enterprise from a previous version of RadiusNT 2.x is

Any questions regarding new features, licensing, or upgrading should
be directed to the e-mail address "". You can
also contact our sales department at 509-444-2455 ext. 51.

--Sheryl D. Stover                              sds@iea-software.comIEA Software Sales                     http://www.iea-software.com509.444.2455 x 51 (voice)             Emerald ISP Management Suite509.624.9903 (fax)                                        RadiusNT