Re: RadiusNT v2.2 dies after a day or so

Postman Account ( )
Tue, 26 May 1998 15:45:32 -0500


Do you think it be more stable if I ran it with radius -x15
mode... as opposed to an NT service... ? least
until our new server... that we will be using... with MS SQL...
arrives this week?

At 01:30 PM 5/26/98 -0700, you wrote:
>Postman Account wrote:
>> Our RadiusNT v2.2 server will stop authenticating users after
>> about one or two days of use.
>> When I attempt a radlogin, during this time, all authenication
>> responses are bad. After a reboot, the server will start
>> authenticating users once again for another day or so.
>Have you tried running RadiusNT in -x15 debug mode to
>see what happens during thir down time? It might be
>crashing, running into a license problem, etc.
>> We're running RadiusNT v2.2 on a P2-300 w/128MB RAM.... using
>> MS Access 95... around 1,500 accounts... no other services
>> are installed on this system.
>> Also, I've noticed that their is a memory leak that is
>> occuring... if the server stays up (without reboot) for about
>> 5 days... (which hasn't happened in days) ...the memory
>> use will be almost double! (80mb use or more)
>Most likely this is a JET database problem. There is a none
>JET memory leak that affects many things. A customer have been
>fighting an ASP memory problem with jet for a long time.
>Its hard to pinpoint the problemt to RadiusNT, since it will
>run for months w/out a problem when using something like
>SQL Server or Sybase.
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