Mailing list policies

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Thu, 14 May 1998 13:26:55 -0700

WebWiz wrote:
> Is this suitable for this lists??????

No. I would like to take a moment and outline a couple of things about
the lists here at IEA Software and what is appropriate on each.

First, the lists are for TEXT traffic only. Those who love thier HTML
posts needs to part with it when posting the list. Its very frustrating
trying to read a 6 point font with graphics and sometimes I just delete
them. This has been a primary policy since day one on the lists. Post
lengths are restricted to 15kb and attachments are not allowed.
Your post can be read by 250 to over 500 people who are as busy as

The RadiusNT and Emerald lists are STRICTLY for discussing those two
products, respectively. No other topics should be on those lists.

The NTISP list is a general list for discussion about ISPs running
WindowsNT. Prodcuts for sale (ISP oriented) are allowed as long as
the posts are kept fairly small (and ONLY on this list).

Please try and keep the size of posts down when you reply to a
message on a list. Take the extra 20 secs to delete the three
other list SIGs that the people before you didn't. Trim out the
un needed fat in the posts that are not relevant to your replies.

Please don't be lazy and just add a one line response to the top
and leave everything else below. People have to try and read
your response, and if its garbled and difficult to following, they
will be less inclined to. Keeping the posts clean and easy to
follow will not only encourage others to respond, but will help
yourself out in the long run.

If you have questions abouts the lists, plase send them to
either myself or support. Do NOT post them to the list itself.

One final note. In the next few days we will be moving to a
new machine for mail and mailing list services are IEA Software.
This will include a change in format on how some of the list
handling works. One of the things we are also doing is dropping
support for the domain. Please make sure all
future posts are to the domain and not to
the or domains. Those posts will be
bounces after this week.

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