Greg Waugh ( (no email) )
Thu, 14 May 1998 12:21:37 -0400

I really need an answer as to why this is happening. The service name
should be 'PPP-Unlim-19,95', and running: RadGetATConfigs 'PPP-Unlim-19,95'
returns the correct result. Everywhere I've seen 15 charactors is completly
legal, however it seems to be truncating it down to 14 in RadiusNT's call.
I've tried modifying the stored procedure to use a LIKE statement, but with
no success.

This is the last thing that I need to do to implement our new RadiusNT
server. Then I hopefully will leave you alone. :)

Here is the line from radius -x15:

SQL Statement: RadGetATConfigs 'PPP-Unlim-19,9'


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