Re: USR Total Control

Michael Whisenant ( )
Mon, 11 May 1998 09:03:09 -0500

SING!! Sing a Song, make it happy, the whole day long.... Does that get
the information flowing????? I need for Dale the following information.
In a HiPer Access chassis, with Dual HiPer ARC, and with 10 HiPer DSPs I
need the ports assignments that are reported to RADIUS. In the first slot
it reports 1-24 just like I would expect. Then for the modems in slot 3 it
reports those as 513-535?? In slot 5 it reports 1025-1047? Based on these
patterns I can see no logic to the madness. How can I populate my Calls
table and understand where to look for a users based on this madness. I am
sending a copy of this message to Skip in technical support, because I have
been working on this and other issues with this chassis all darn weekend.

At 05:31 PM 5/11/98 +1000, you wrote:
>Read this email , and in the interest in providing better integration
>between our product and RadiusNT I would be more than happy to provide any
>information you need to aid the process.. Just sing out the info will
>Andrew Hall.
>Mgr. Network Systems Engineering - Carrier (ANZA).
>3Com Corp.

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