Christian Simard ( )
Wed, 06 May 1998 16:33:05 -0400

Hi! here is my setup:

NT server 4.0 service pack 3
radius NT 1.16.60
SQL server 6.5 demo
USR NetServer 16 NAS

I've created the table with the 3 .sql scripts that comme with emerald
suite as the documentation says. I also executed the calltrig.sql to install
the trigger who is supposed to update the timeleft and the callsonline view.
I also inserted the proper data for my NAS in the servers and serverports

the problem:

The trigger updates the timeleft of the user when it disconnect and radius
does not authentify him if the timeleft is below 1, this is ok. But the
other part of the calltrig.sql script does not works... the update of
serverports table is never done by the trigger (and the callsonline view of
course) and radius cannot check for concurency!!

Someone can help me?

Thank you