Radius Problem

Tommy Cheng ( tommycheng@pcmagic.net )
Tue, 05 May 1998 17:24:43 -0700


I really like to know how IEA is disconnecting a user once Radius NT
determins that the user is bad. I am using PAP only for authentication
and PM3 will never log off a bad user. I called Lucent and they said
it's radius issue and you said it's PM3 configuration issue. I do see
"Sending Reject of id 210 to ce751b03 (pm3-ind02.pcmagic.net)" all the
time for bad password, but it is still not loging off the user. I know
IEA has PM3s. What kind of configuration do you have on PM3 so that it
will recongize the radius Nak?

Tommy Cheng