RE: resizing fields in SQL 6.5

Ronnie D. Franklin ( )
Fri, 1 May 1998 14:51:06 -0500

You should ALWAYS first try this on a backup database.....

1. Create a database project using the database.
2. Click on Data View
3. Click the + beside Tables
4. Right Click the Table that you want to work with
5. Click Design
6. Change what you want....
7. Close it all down....

I have on occasions had start/stop the SQL server, but so far has worked every time!!

On Friday, May 01, 1998 2:14 PM, Josh Hillman [] wrote:
> > From: Ronnie D. Franklin <>
> >
> > If you use Visual InterDev, SQL 6.5 and SP3 or greater you can resize a
> field without rebuilding the database.
> Does Visual InterDev have to be on the same machine as SQL?
> How is this resizing done?
> I've never used InterDev, but we do have it on another machine in the
> office (one of our other employees uses it for something).
> There are a few fields that I've always wanted to increase a bit, but could
> never find an "easy" way of doing it because of all sorts of constraints,
> etc. My database was re-created back in 10/96, and back then, I knew
> nothing about SQL. If I had, I could have adjusted the stuff in the SQL
> script that came with Emerald before runnning. Oh well...
> Josh Hillman
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