Re: Going from Access to SQL...
Mon, 27 Apr 1998 16:57:06 -0400


I have to apologize to you. As usual, you were correct.

The problem was from using the same box to run RadiusNT and dial into the
NAS. This box uses the default gateway on the NAS and, therefore, the acks
were very delayed. When I called into the system from another box and
watched the debug, the problem did not ocurr.

Now, can you help with the expired account thing? Right now, I would feel
more comfortable with 2.2.41 and I can't get the correct schema for sql on
the expiration thingy.

The documentation states that if the maExpireDate is NULL the account will
not expire and also says the same for saExpireDate. I have set both to NULL
and I still can't authenticate under 2.2.41.

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