Radius / Cisco

Tim Ballingall ( tim@mazda.com.au )
Fri, 24 Apr 1998 11:56:27 +1000

I have radius running fine authenticating all my dialup users with no
problems ( Ascend & Cisco 2511 )

I am also using radius accounting on my ISDN primary rate interface
(Cisco 4500). This too is working fine..

One minor problem though. On my Cisco 4500 I am getting occaisional

Apr 22 01:06:22 68242: %RADIUS-3-ALLDEADSERVER: No active
radius servers found.

Apr 22 01:06:38 68254: %RADIUS-6-SERVERALIVE: Radius server is responding again (previously dead).

Everything seems to be working fine on the routers. I don't have syslog
running on the 2511 so I can't tell at this stage if it is doing the
same thing..