NULL user
Thu, 23 Apr 1998 19:20:30 +0000

I am registering a user named NULL on the calls
table. I don't a have that username in my subaccounts, and the
characteristics of the record are:
Framedaddress in blank
Only acctStatusType=1 are registered
The acctauthentic is 2 (in other calls is 1)
The nas is a Ascend max 4030, running 5.0ap44
I have 2 more maxes and they don't show that behaviour
The call seems to come at a random line of the E1's
I am running RadiusNT 2.2 against a SQL database.
The max supports only Terminal server and ppp connections.

What is that entry?
I think they may be terminal server connections but I
want to be sure.
Any help will be appretiated

Javier Contreras Albesa
Gerente Tecnico/Technical Manager
Interamerican Net de Venezuela