Re: Logfile

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Thu, 23 Apr 1998 09:09:48 -0700

Derrick Young wrote:
> We are just in the process of trying to get emerald and Radius up and
> running on our production system. We have radius configured to check both
> the ODBC and text file. The text file contains a Default use with Password
> UNIX. This way if they we can move users over to the Emerald system at a
> controlled pace. Last night was our first test we added a single user who
> we are close with and knew that if there was a problem logging in they would
> be understanding. Well it did not work, all users Authenticate through the
> unix file no problem and when I look at the online screen they all show up
> nice and neat. The one user who we added to EMerald could not get in and
> the following message was in the Logfile
> Wed Apr 22 15:19:28 1998: User: antek port Access denied

Go into the RadiusNT administrator, and turn off Server Port access.
You probably should turn off most of the advanced options in the
RadiusNT Admin until you have the basics working. Server port
access requires additional configuration, and thus is denying
everyone in the database (which is only the one user for you).

Make sure you restart RadiusNT after saving changes in the RadiusNT

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