RE: [NTISP Digest]

Sylvain Durocher ( (no email) )
Mon, 31 Aug 1998 11:51:52 -0400

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> Using RADIUS to authenticate mail requests is using RADIUS for something
> it was not designed to do. The mail package should be hitting the
> database, not the RADIUS server.

VOPMail can use the RADIUS service type 8 (Authenticate Only)
(source:RFC2138), which should not, in theory, be blocked by concurrency
checking. Does RadiusNT support that service type and would it succeed if
someone was already logged on?

Vendor specific attributes (Type 26) can also be used to query for "mailbox
properties" as these can be set for each user, then they can thus be passed
to the remote application.

Although it is a creative use of the RADIUS protocol, the RADIUS RFCs are
respected. Like David Payer said, this use of RADIUS could have tremendous
potential as a central repository protocol. The other contender for that
role is LDAP and it is still unclear whether it will get enough support to
take off.


Sylvain Durocher.