setting up a small-scale hosting service

Adrian Teasdale ( )
Sun, 30 Aug 98 10:26:19 +0100


I have my own dedicated server which I use for my own clients sites and I
would like to start hosting on it (on a very small scale) to try to
off-set some of the cost of the server. The current setup on the server

Pentium 200MMX
64Mb RAM
6 Gig HD

Microsoft IIS4
FTP by War-FTP
Email using iMail from Ipswitch
Stats using Statistics Server from mediahouse
Cold Fusion 3.1.1
Timbuktu (for remote administration - only for myself)

I have four questions really....

1. have I missed anything in my setup above that a normal hosting
provider would offer?

2. Are there any other utilities which a hosting provider would need?

3. Where can I get good information on securing IIS and NT?

4. Are there any utilities/scripts to automate the process of setting up
accounts for people?

I know I'm asking a lot in my first email, but any help would be