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Patrick Patterson ( pj@ctt-inc.com )
Wed, 26 Aug 1998 17:00:00 -0500

I thought this method seemed strange, but this is what PSI Net does for
their clients (at least one I know if).

At 07:39 AM 8/27/98 +1000, you wrote:
>From what you are saying, the one way of acheiving this in a very un-elegant
>way is to set the primary MX record to a predetrmined IP address which they
>pull when they dial-in, then set your EMWAC server with the secondary MX
>Effectively what happens is that when mail can't get through to the primary,
>it's put in a holding dirctory by EMWACS which polls the primary computer
>approx. every 10 minutes for about 3 days until it's up, then when it sees
>it online it dumps all mail to it. So basically if they dialin and stay on
>line for more than 10 minutes, the mail will get dumped down to them. This
>is an exploitation of the way secondary mail servers work, and certainly not
>the sort of way I would do it unless I really had to.
>We actually use EMWAC for our mainstream mail, but will probably move to
>VOPmail in the very near future for about 300 good reasons. However for the
>sort of solution you are looking at now, you may want to check out MDaemon,
>which will collect all of the customers mail and put it into a single mail
>box, and if installed on the customer site can be set up to dial-up,
>collect, drop the call, and locally redistribute the mail. Many mail
>programs can do this, but we have found this to be the best bang for buck in
>this sort of solution.
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>From: Kevin Ingram <kingram@cameron.net>
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>Date: Thursday, August 27, 1998 1:03 AM
>>I need some advice from those who've been there before:
>>I have a client who wants to host his own domain email using Exchange, he
>>will connect to the Internet through a local ISP and wants to pull their
>>mail from our server, we are running EMWAC IMS. They will only connect at
>>random, so we need to "hold" their mail until they pick it up, and then
>>their mail server distributes it to their accounts. How is this set up, and
>>what pitfalls are there to watch out for?
>>All help and input appreciated.