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Brian Lube ( brian@mpinet.net )
Wed, 26 Aug 1998 14:16:57 -0400

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>> 1) you need to have some sort of mail system that hold mail. On some
>> systems this is refered to a Domain POP. Basically it a single
>> mailbox that
>> recieves all the mail for certian domain. As far as I know EMWAC IMS, does
>> not do this.
>The IMS version refered to is probably the older "freeware" one. VOPMail,
>which is derived from a recent version of IMS Pro, does it well.

We are using NTMail, which also handles this very well. I am told that
NTMail 4 also handles interfacing with Exchange 5.x servers... this isn't
verified though.

Brian Lube
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