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Jeff ( nblade@inficad.com )
Wed, 26 Aug 1998 08:29:46 +0000

well there are two problems getting what you want done.

1) you need to have some sort of mail system that hold mail. On some
systems this is refered to a Domain POP. Basically it a single mailbox that
recieves all the mail for certian domain. As far as I know EMWAC IMS, does
not do this.

2) you need to have exchange retieve the mail. This is a problem because,
while it can recieve mail on its smtp server, it does not natively have a
way to retrieve mail from a domain pop. There are some third-party add-ons
or workarounds. to do this. something called pullmail and pop2echange come
to mind right way. I am sure that there are more.

I hope that this helps out a bit and is able to steer you in the direction
you need to meet your customer's need.

At 10:05 AM 8/26/98 -0500, you wrote:
>I need some advice from those who've been there before:
>I have a client who wants to host his own domain email using Exchange, he
>will connect to the Internet through a local ISP and wants to pull their
>mail from our server, we are running EMWAC IMS. They will only connect at
>random, so we need to "hold" their mail until they pick it up, and then
>their mail server distributes it to their accounts. How is this set up, and
>what pitfalls are there to watch out for?
>All help and input appreciated.