Weird Modem issue

Matthew Andersen ( (no email) )
Sun, 23 Aug 1998 08:52:34 -0700

I have a dedicated connection from my house to our office. 28.8 This
connection runs a couple of mailing lists. So at sometimes the bandwidth is
saturated. I have 16 IPs at home, and use RRAS on NT to handle routing.

The problem I have is when mail starts sending high volumes of mail. If I
use a USR at home, I can still get out. It is just really slow. IE (If the
mail server is delivering mail, I can ping -w 20000 and it
usually takes about 15000.) If I change the modem at home to a zoom I can't
get out at all when the mail server is sending. IE (The mail server sends
it mail, but when I try to ping something the request times out. I have
tried all the way up to a -w 50000)

The modem at the office is a USR Courier.

Does anyone have any ideas or solutions for this problem?