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Eric Fagan ( (no email) )
Sat, 22 Aug 1998 15:21:40 -0600

If pure cost is your primary defining factor for choosing a 56k setup, you
can run a Compaq 4000 (aka Microcom ISPporte, aka Hayes MR200). This will
be your dumb modem box -- you'll need a NAS to hook up to that. Computone
makes a PowerRack Intelliserver -- a (up to) 64 port NAS. The combo *price*
beats the pants off of USR/Ascend/Livingston integrated racks.

Drawbacks w/using the Computone: no MLPPP support, tech support is not
always available, they're a small company. Without MLPPP support, you
cannot bond modems or ISDN channels (ISDN only available if you order PRI -
not with CT1). Does not support all standard Radius tags (such as
idle-timeout: that's set by the port & not by the user).

Drawbacks w/using the Compaq 4000: None that I know of. They've been
really good to us. They support analog 33.6's, digital 33.6's & digital 56k
(k56flex + v.90).

Compaq 4000 info:
Computone info:


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>Can anyone recommend a Access Server or a Modem rack to provide about 50
>lines for 56K access??
>Thank you