Re: IIS 3.0 and Virtual Domains

David Payer ( (no email) )
Fri, 21 Aug 1998 02:27:50 -0500

Also, will I be able to apply the
+AD4-FP ext's to those directories if they reside on another server with the IP
+AD4-on the mail server? Any help would be great. I am pulling my hair out and
+AD4-if you saw me you would know I don't have much left+ACEAIQAh-
+AD4-Thanks +ACEAIQ-

Many FP extensions must execute so they have to be on the machine that hosts
the entire site and that is running IIS. There is an unseperable
relationship between FP and the IIS (as you will see when you upgrade to
IIS4). Keep the FP sites on the same machine that runns IIS. It is ok to put
a mail server on that machine though.

David Payer