Re: Mail aliases and routing

Juergen Weiss ( (no email) )
Fri, 21 Aug 1998 16:05:17 +0200

Ok. Lets say A in New York is sending Mail to B here in Binau
(Germany) and on my mailserver for I have configured an alias
(forwarding) from to annother address in Tokio (C)

The question is if the mail travells from New York to Binau and then from
Binau to Tokio, causing twice the traffic on my internet-connection or is it
possible that the mail goes directly from New York to Tokio causing nearly
no traffic on my line.

But New York is still sending to

This must happen during the SMTP connection from A to B where A gets the
info from B that the mail should go to C ( and then A
establishes a new SMTP connection to C.


>If someone is sending a mail from A to
>>me (B) and this mail is aliased to C will this cause twice the traffic on
>>internetconnection A-B and B-C
>Are B and C on the same machine? Is C an alias of a primary domain on B? Is
>C on a separate machine and you are "forwarding" the mail from B to C.
>If C is an alias on the B machine, it is simply stored with the username on
>the B machine that the C account is aliased to. If they are separate
>machines, it will be recieved and forwarded, doubling your traffic.
>David Payer