Re: MS DNS Mail routing problem

ken french ( (no email) )
Thu, 20 Aug 1998 19:46:27 -0400

Does the following detail the problem+ADs-

Note the second sympton, which sounds like what is happening.

It would appear you have to pay for the solution, except, check out the
But check on this page and read the text +ACI-How do I find that Hot Fix file? +ACI-

Has anyone tried this solution and recovering expenses from

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From: Eric Fagan
Date: Thursday, August 20, 1998 6:06 PM
Subject: Re: MS DNS Mail routing problem

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From: David Payer
Subject: Re: MS DNS Mail routing problem

+AD4APg-recently I have noticed a problem with some domains for e-mail not being
+AD4APg-found, then bounced back. At first I thought it was operator error, then

+AD4-I mentioned this several weeks ago. This is a bug known to MS. The error

David is correct -- the bug is with MS DNS. It has yet to be resolved.

+AD4-I have since then pointed my mail servers to my upstream providers
+AD4-resolvers. This is a fundamental flaw in my estimation. I think they would

I did the same thing last year when I found the problem. I have secondary
DNS offsite hosted on a +ACo-nix machine. On my mail machine, I simply reversed
pri +ACY- sec DNS so that my mailserver DNS queries are completed correctly via
my upstream secondary.