[update] Strange NT Bootup

Kendrick Myatt ( (no email) )
Thu, 20 Aug 1998 12:08:23 -0500

First off, I really appreciate all the responses! :) It's always
nice to know there are lots of helpful people out there. I wish I
had more time to spend on lists and newsgroups as I once did, but I
find myself having less and less time to even read the lists, much
less help others as I used to. Newsgroups I don't even try to keep
up with anymore...

Unfortunately none of the suggestions helped me since they either
didn't apply to my situation, or I had already tried them. I'm doing
an upgrade install currently since it will not let me do a parallel
for some reason, but it is taking f o r e v e r to go through the
setup. If I can't get the upgrade finished and working after today,
I'm just going to have to blow the whole thing off and start from
scratch, since there are likely several underlying problems :(

Oh well, such is life... Thanks again for the help!