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A few questions Dale, as long as you've done this before.

[Begin ISDN Tutorial]

They tell me that ISDN is 2 B channels??? (not sure about this part) Is
that 4 wires or 6? Is this more like two Digital 56 circuits but bonded
and at 64K? Do they get 2 ip address' 1 for each channel, or just one?

>If you can get a T1 from GTE, then you can do 56k DOV ISDN. I've done
>that here in GTE land and it does work.

Can I receive these calls on my PM3's with CT1 AMI & D4 or do I need a
special circuit to the PM???

>Sure. But ISDN is a dial technology and WILL go down.

Got it, so dynamic ip's are the issue... Just like 33.6 dialup. So if we
were to do this we really want a mail relay from the outside world. Also a
conventional Mail & Web domain on a real server.

>ISDN has two classes. One is the dial use, which usually has the same
>plan like the modem dialup. THe other is the dedicated/routed which usually
>is a nailed connection with a subnet.

This was one consideration for this customer, but when I look at dedicated
ISDN circuit prices, ouch, and I am getting way to little for Frame Relay.

Thanks Dale & all who answered.
JOhn :}

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