adding/replacing individual ODBC drivers

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Tue, 18 Aug 1998 16:00:44 -0400

Is there a way to add a single ODBC driver for a specific db-type (FoxPro's
..dbf for example) if it's not already in the list of installed drivers in
ODBC32? Presently, there are only drivers for MS Access (3.51.102900), MS
ODBC for Oracle (2.73.728301), and SQL Server (3.50.0305).

The machine that this needs to be done on is NT 4.0 SP3 (Intel), IIS4,
MSSQL Server 6.5 SP4, Cold Fusion 3.1.1, ODBC 3.5

On another machine, I have a damaged Access ODBC driver. Can this driver
be reinstalled without reinstalling the whole ODBC set? This machine is
our primary SQL Server and RadiusNT machine, so I'd like to avoid screwing
up ODBC in any way. The two drivers on this machine are MS Access
(3.50.342800) and SQL Server (2.65.0252). This is also NT 4.0 SP3 (Intel)

Thanks for any info...

Josh Hillman