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James A. Tucker ( (no email) )
Tue, 18 Aug 1998 11:59:32 -0500

We have 200+ domains on a Dell 2200 Server with 512MB RAM, 750MB Swap File,
NT Raid 1 Duplexing (9GB+9GB), Dual Pentium II 233Mhz. We are experiencing
a high number of Page Faults/sec. Hard drives are crunching away. We have
not been able to isolate the source of the Page Faults. Anyone have any
clues where I can look?

Page Faults range from 20-70/s to 300-2000/s. Sometimes Perfmon reports
sustained Page Faults ranging between 100-200/s. Here are some other
Perfmon counters. According to these I should not be getting such a high
level of Page Faults.

Object: Memory

% Committed Bytes in Use 17.133
Available Bytes 291442688.000
Page Faults/sec 106.838
Pages/sec 25.792

Object: Paging File

% Usage 2.148
% Usage Peak 2.263

Any help is appreciated.

James A. Tucker
Vice President Operations (Quartz Software, Inc.)
Phone: (978) 805-3136

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> I have a question for those of you running IIS4 out there. I'm going to
> have over 300 sites installed on my IIS4 server (dual PPro 220,
> Raid 5 (12G
> usable), 256M RAM), and I'm wondering at what point that we will saturate
> the available resources on this machine. It takes about 10
> minutes for the
> server to 'calm down' after a reboot. What I'm worried about is a
> degradation of service that we might experience once we reach the 400-600
> domain level.
> Anyone have experience with this?
> Brian Lube
> System Administrator
> MPInet