Re: NT Drive Mirroring
Fri, 14 Aug 1998 08:31:51 -0500

A mirror is exactly the same size as the master except for some allocation
bytes that are required during the mirror phase. I'm a bit confused how
you want to mirror the information?

NT System Partition (disk0) -> Partition (disk1)
Data Partition (disk1) -> Data Partition (disk0)

Is this correct?

Mitch Wagers
Systems Engineer - Huber & Associates, Inc.
Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer

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Subject: NT Drive Mirroring

Hello List,

I have a NT4SP3 server with 2x 4.5Gb UW SCSI drives.
I want to mirror the drives using NTdisk admin and NTFS.
I created a 1Gb(1024MB) NT partition for the system and then a 3.5Gb DATA
I then tried to create a mirror and the NT partition on the second drive
after the mirror went to 1028Mb.
This has now made it impossible to mirror the DATA as the size of the
drive is smaller than the first.
I had another server setup EXACTLY the same way and I hads no problem with
the mirroring of both drives.
The second server had the same hardware brands for everything.

Why is this so
Please help

Malcolm Joosse
Technical Director
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