Re: NT Drive Mirroring
Fri, 14 Aug 1998 09:57:00 +0200

you don't have any special issue here, this is just the way Windows=
NT =20
is doing Mirroring. If you don't have exactly 2 identical harddisk,=
( =20
identical means same hardware and same firmware ), NT may need to =20
round the size of the second partition to make the mirror possible =
( =20
by the way, the additional space will not be used ).
The problem here is that all your disk capacity is formatted, and I=
don't know if you will find any other solution than re-formatig you=
r =20
System or your Data partition a bit smaller... =20
Herv=E9 Grand
System Support Engineer
Hewlett Packard ( Switzerland )

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Subject: NT Drive Mirroring
Author: Non-HP-winnt ( at HP-Switzerland,mimegw7
Date: 8/14/98 9:12 AM

Hello List,
I have a NT4SP3 server with 2x 4.5Gb UW SCSI drives.
I want to mirror the drives using NTdisk admin and NTFS.
I created a 1Gb(1024MB) NT partition for the system and then a 3.5Gb DAT=
A =20
I then tried to create a mirror and the NT partition on the second drive=
after the mirror went to 1028Mb.
This has now made it impossible to mirror the DATA as the size of the se=
cond =20
drive is smaller than the first.
I had another server setup EXACTLY the same way and I hads no problem wi=
th =20
the mirroring of both drives.
The second server had the same hardware brands for everything.
Why is this so
Please help
Malcolm Joosse
Technical Director
Hotline Support Pty. Ltd. " Our Service is your Support " =20
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