Proxys and filtered services

David Payer ( (no email) )
Tue, 11 Aug 1998 08:39:25 -0500

>>Can MS Proxy Server 2.0 proxy for IRC ?
>>Can it filter chat rooms ?
>Not that I am aware of. its >just not its job.

This brings up a question.

I am considering one of the filtered services H2O2 ? Websense, etc and have
found a commonality: $2500 for a machine they make (a linux P-200, running
their routing/filtering product) plus a monthly fee that costs about

Are there satisfied customers among this list for these products? Are they
worth the money to you? Have they helped you find new/continuing
Is there a less expensive alternatives like a Linux machine and your own
lists, etc (actually the services are up to a quarter million "filtered
sites" and they claim to have people reviewing sites for filtering

This is a significant investment but one that I see making sense so I want
to do it the right way and get my moneys worth. I would appreciate your

David Payer
OMNI Internet