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Wed, 5 Aug 1998 12:19:29 -0700

Join United Consumers of America in
"The Fight for a Better Credit Card."

The credit card market is so saturated, that lenders are trying
everything to steal their competition's business, and become
the preferred card in your wallet. In the 2nd quarter of 1997
alone, lenders stuffed a record breaking 880 million solicitations
in Americas mailboxes.

Statistics show that it costs over $80 to acquire just one new
credit card customer. Unfortunately, such high acquisition costs,
makes it tough for lenders to offer their best deal.

We've come up with a great solution. Together, America will
hear the best deals lenders have to offer - Flyer Miles, Cash Back
Rebates, Low Interest Rates, or other perks. We are currently
inviting lenders across America to submit their best deal to us.

Everyone who joins in this fight will get to vote on the deal they
like the best, and the winning lender will be given the right to mail
their application to all who've expressed their desire for a better card.
It's that simple!

We are requiring lenders to offer both a secured and an unsecured
version with their submission. Of course, we expect the terms to be
different with secured vs. unsecured. However, this fight shall be in
the best interest of all potential card holders.

~~~~~~~~~ How can you help? ~~~~~~~~~~~

There's no charge. You can join the fight by simply filling out the form
on our webpage, and submitting it. Go there Now! Its Free!!! (You could
wind up with the best card in the country!)

Please use distributor # MM9083557062 when joining in the FREE
"Fight for a Better Credit Card" Thank you :-)

~~~~ Like making money? ~~~~~

Become a distributor like me and tell others about this great cause. You
could earn residual income for the rest of your life (a commission every
time someone you told, uses America's best credit card). How many people
do you know would want the best credit card in America? This is an
incredible opportunity! See it for yourself. Go there now! If you have any questions,
just call and ask for Mike. I'll be glad to help.

~~~ Join in the Fight, It's FREE. It's Quick. It's Painless ~~~~

We could use your support! America needs to stand together to DEMAND
better rates on credit cards. Please go to the website and fill out the "Fight
For a Better Credit Card" Pledge, you could wind up with the best card in the country!!!

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