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Danny Sinang ( (no email) )
Wed, 5 Aug 1998 08:49:11 +0800

This is funny.

- Danny

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Date: Wednesday, August 05, 1998 2:01 AM
Subject: What would happen if...

>Please excuse my rant, I quit smoking yesterday, and had my third call this
>morning from people who installed Netscape 16 bit version on Win98, dl'd
>communicator, installed it and can't figure out what's wrong, and want me
>to fix it for FREE!
>What would happen if all the ISP's and Computer Service Companies in the
>US/World got together and jointly QUIT supporting stupid people. Made them
>pay by the minute for hand holding. Told Bill to support his own junk
>software. And generally told stupid home computer users to take that junk
>they bought at circuit city back and NEVER touch anything more complex than
>a wind up alarm clock. (Even though most of them wouldn't understand the
>precise concept of counter-clockwise)
>Thanks for letting me blow off steam.
>[BTW] Carpet cleaner killed the cricket that has been driving me nuts for
>the last week. (Hope this does not incite a riot of animal rights
>activists) I will probably go to jail for this one.
>Two calls from dolts who can't figure out why their 386sx, drive overlay
>software on a 12GB drive with 8 partitions, will not run win98, (looser98).
>Thanks again
>JOhn :}
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