Re: IIS 4.0 FTP or Frontpage 98 Server Extension/RadiusNT/SQL Authentication.

Mike Mazurek ( )
Fri, 31 Jul 1998 08:45:58 -0400

I thought that this functionality was something that you could do by
using Microsoft Site Server v3, but then again when I went to set it up
a while back I could not get it working properly.

Mike Mazurek

Michael Watson wrote:
> >I was told by Microsoft that IIS 4.0 FTP and Frontpage is capable of
> >authenticating via an ODBC Database. If anyone was able to get this
> working,
> >could you please help me with getting this set up. I checked Microsoft's
> >Support section and I can not obtain any info about this.
> I've not actually seen that this can be done with FP, and I've been running
> it for quite some time, but perhaps MS snuck it in there as a new feature
> and I didn't catch it.
> You can, however, use ASP to do exactly this. There is a product (free)
> called ASPLogin that authenticates thorugh ODBC. It requires that all of
> your pages be .ASP pages and that you have a simple piece of code embedded
> at the top of each page. It is very simple, the source code is provided,
> and it works...if you can use ASP. With ASP being a free component of IIS
> 4.0, I recommend it highly.
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